Leave a bequest

You can ensure that Outreach Foundation is able to continue its work by remembering us in your will.

Many people think that only the wealthy give to causes through their wills. This is a common misconception. Most bequests received by charities are made by those who just want to make a difference when they have gone. Their legacy lives on through the organisation they have bequested to. You can choose what you'd like to bequeath; money, assets such as land, a collector's item, or a combination of items. 

Whatever you decide to bequeath will be a gift for us and will help us with our work.

Here's a little more info on this

This is an instruction you give in your will to give something to an organisation or charity of your choice. You can give a cash sum, stocks, shares, investments, an insurance policy, personal possessions, or property or a percentage of your estate. You can also bequeath whatever is left over after all your other bequests have been made. This is called bequeathing a 'residue' of your estate.

You should speak to your attorney or professional adviser when making out your will about your wish to bequeath to your organisation/charity of your choice. Your attorney or professional adviser will need the name, registered address and registration number of your chosen organisation. They will then do the rest.

You don't have to, but most organisations would love to know so they can thank you for your kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity. In addition, you may want to chat to the organisation to discuss how you'd like them to use your bequest when they receive it.

You can then make an addition to your will, known as a codicil. As with your will, it will need to be signed and witnessed. The witnesses do not have to be the same as those you used when you drew up your will. This codicil must be kept with your will so that the bequeath can be carried out when the time comes.

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