We are, at times, in the media. Here are a few such times.

Child protection information-sharing in Musina
Child protection information-sharing in Musina

Media release - June 2023 Outreach Foundation in collaboration with the Musina Department of Social Development went to Rehoshebah Independent Academy in Musina on Friday, 9th of June 2023 to mark the end of child protection week. Click here to read more.

Outreach Foundation gains Media interest with trip to Malawi
Migration workshop in Malawi gained media interest

In July 2022, Outreach Foundation hosted a workshop in Blantyre, Malawi, to discuss issues surrounding migration. Journalists from the Malawian Broadcasting Corporation attended the workshop and interviewed the organisation’s executive director, Robert Michel. In addition, they interviewed some of the church leaders, and the executive director of the organisation Outreach Foundation worked with to set up this meeting, CARD.

Plumbing article at Outreach Foundation in Creamer Media's Engineering News
Quality construction skills training provides hope for inner city’s unemployed

This is a great article on the plumbing course held at Outreach Foundation and taught by #TjekaTrainingMatters in Creamer Media’s Engineering News.

Malnutrition media release on Outreach Foundation with KayaFM
Outreach Foundation on KayaFM's KayaNews

Following our media release on the migrant children dying of malnutrition and clearly falling between the cracks, KayaFM interviewed Ethel Munyai, our programme manager for the counselling centre. This audio has the headline news at 07h30 and an excerpt of KayaNews at 8am with Outreach Foundation.