There are many great benefits to Youth Volunteering and giving back to the community.

Besides the excitement and fun, there are many great benefits to Youth volunteering and giving back to the community. Among others, some benefits of volunteering include youth can develop a career path, build self-esteem, gain empathy, increase social relationships, giving a sense of purpose and gaining valuable work experience.

The objective of the Outreach Foundation Youth Volunteer Programme is to actively promote a mutually rewarding relationship between youth volunteers (who offer their talents, skills and time) and Outreach Foundation by offering voluntary on-the-job learning that will contribute to the developmental work of the organisation and effectively prepare youth for future occupation. 

As a youth volunteer, Outreach Foundation 

commits to

assigning you to a meaningful task which contributes to your development and our mission.

commits to

treating you with respect and as a valued team member.

commits to

giving supervision, training and feedback on your work.


commits to

giving feedback, sharing ideas or concerns.

commits to

allowing you to refuse any work which is not safe, or you do not feel comfortable doing - within reason. 

commits to

including you on a youth leadership camp.

commits to

providing you with an on-the-job learning experience to prepare you for future occupation.

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